Coconut-based products

Our range of coconut-based products use many parts of this amazing fruit, including its shell, shell powder, and husk powder. These products include ornaments, spice jars, trays, candle holders, and many more.

Banana fiber-based products

We also undertake customized orders for banana fiber-based products that make use of raw fabric material.

Leather products

Our range of high-quality leather products include purses and Bags designed to the highest-standard along with unique features.


Our bespoke jewelry pieces are handcrafted using traditional Sri Lankan techniques, ensuring each item is a unique work of art. Our collection includes necklaces, earrings, and bangles with exquisite designs that are both eye-catching and distinctive.

Gift Packs

We offer personalized gift boxes that include a carefully curated selection of our best handicrafts, tailored to your preferences.

About Us

Olindha was founded by two committed and steadfast individuals who are well-versed in this industry and have managed to curate a range of unique products capable of entering the global market.

Olindha takes pride in curating the finest handicrafts based on coconut shell and other parts of the coconut. We undertake customized orders for all our standard products that focus on taking Sri Lankan handicrafts to a global platform. We use coconut shell, coconut shell powder, coconut husk fiber, and many other by-products of coconuts to create our unique handicrafts.

We also undertake order for products made using banana fiber and leather. Our portfolio also includes traditional decorative jewelries and gift packs curated by our very own craftsmen.

Our range of products include ornaments, mugs, candle holders, bags, Purses, trays, desert cups, food preserving containers, spice jars, necklaces, earrings, and many more.