About Us

Olindha is the results of years of research and hard work done by its founders M.A.Thisara Danushka Perera and K.A.G. Sasini Dilshani. With its inception in 2022, the company hopes to reach a wide audience not only within Sri Lanka but across the world. Olindha provides customized and intricately-designed coconut-based products to its customers in Sri Lanka and overseas. We undertake handicraft orders in bulk and retail forms. Our product portfolio also includes products made with banana fiber and leather, and jewelries including necklaces, earrings, and bangles.

Customers can browse our wide range of products and come up with a design and size of their choice for every product. Our highly-skilled staff and experts can curate a personalized design for every product, according to the customer requirements.

Olindha is committed to providing high-quality handicrafts that are primarily based on coconut, banana fiber, and leather. Our coconut-based products make use of coconut, coconut shell, coconut shell powder, coconut husk fiber, and many of its other by-products.

Olindha has a vision to reach a wide global audience through its distinctive handicrafts and hope to take Sri Lanka to a global platform. By doing this, we hope to uplift our nation’s economy and display traditional Sri Lankan handicrafts at an international level.